Our Mission

Canberra’s home of excellence in cosmetic plastic and reconstructive procedures

These days with so many amazing advances in cosmetic plastic surgery it can be hard to know just what would be right for you or who to trust to give you the right advice.

The Lotus Clinic is the perfect choice for those looking for exceptional results and who seek experienced, personalised care at an affordable price. With its experience and expertise, the clinic is set to be Canberra’s premier plastic and cosmetic surgery provider.

At Lotus Dr Chandra Patel and Lindy Patel who lead the practice have decades of expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and non-invasive rejuvenation. We provide our patients with all the support they need to make the right decisions to achieve beautiful results.

With a passion for perfection and a deep understanding of the role artistry plays in creating beautifully natural results, Dr Patel uses both surgical and non-surgical techniques to achieve the look you want whether it be a fresher more youthful you, or a more dramatic transformation.

Located in spacious and modern premises, our clinic offers discreet, friendly and professional service with a fully equipped surgery for minor procedures. The clinic is conveniently situated in Deakin, close to both the John James Hospital and National Capital Private Hospital where all major surgical procedures are conducted.

We understand that you don’t want the whole world to know your are exploring the option of cosmetic surgery or “having a little work done” so our waiting room is private and comfortable and our service discrete.

We also have a client lounge where we conduct regular but informal information sessions for small groups of people who may be interested in a particular procedure. We offer special discounts at these sessions and they are fun evenings, often with guest presenters coming along and drinks and nibbles provided. Of course we are always happy to provide information to you one on one.

Whether you are considering a surgical procedure or a non invasive surgical alternative, and you want professional treatment resting on deep experience and an absolute commitment to quality, contact the Lotus Clinic today for a truly beautiful experience.

I love what I do, every day I literally get to turn a frown into a smile!
Lindy Patel RN

Our Philosophy

Our patients are our focus. Looking after you, your safety, your privacy, and helping you to achieve the results you want are our goals.

Our priority is patient care from the initial consultation throughout the procedure and into after patient care. Any surgery is a serious decision and we provide our patients with the best information we can to make the most informed decision that is right for them.

The Lotus Clinic has a different ethos to many other cosmetic surgery practices. After years in this field both Dr Patel and Lindy Patel are well aware how intimidating the medical environment can be.

At the Lotus Clinic we believe effective communication and understanding is vital to achieving the result you want. So don’t expect to be raced through an appointment and then shown the door. We want to listen to you and spend the time getting to know you and what it is you want to achieve.

Our staff can be a wonderful support for patients throughout the process and source of valuable information. We all have times when we wish we had raised this issue with the doctor or asked about some part of a procedure, but forget at the time of the consultation. With our staff you always have an accessible point of contact.

At Lotus we take a holistic approach. We look at the whole person. We offer all our patients advice on pre surgery diet, exercise and relaxation programs to aid in your recovery. We remain involved in ensuring you get the results you are seeking through our follow up process.

At Lotus our focus is on caring for our patients and achieving the results they want.
Dr Chandra Patel