What to Expect From Tummy Tuck Surgery

photo571Choosing to undergo abdominoplasty, also called tummy tuck surgery, is a big decision, one that can lead not only to aesthetic enhancement but often also to improved self esteem. Designed to reduce excess skin and tighten the underlying abdominal muscles, a tummy tuck from our practice can be a popular procedure for women who have had children, as well as individuals who have lost a significant amount of weight. Regardless of the causes for skin laxity, this procedure can help to create a firmer, more youthful midsection.

Dr. Chandra Patel, our experienced plastic surgeon, explains that the tummy tuck operation is performed by first making an incision low along the waistline. Liposuction may be utilised to remove excess pockets of fat stored in this location, if required. From there, underlying abdominal muscles will be tightened for qualified patients, and then excess skin will be pulled taut and removed. This combination of approaches assists in creating a smoother, more toned shape. Once healing is complete, the scar should be relatively faint and typically can be concealed by normal clothing.

Most patients experience only minor discomfort AFTER recovery, as prescribed medication helps to manage any pain. Temporary bruising and swelling is common and will usually fade over the course of a few weeks. A compression garment should be worn during the first few weeks as well, to facilitate the healing process. Normal activities, such as office work or housework, may be resumed after one week, or as soon as Dr. Patel recommends. Strenuous exercise and other activities should be avoided for at least a month.

Tummy tuck surgery and its associated recovery is a process, and patients can expect Dr. Patel to provide support and resources throughout the entire experience. For more information about abdominoplasty, or if you wish to schedule a consultation with Dr. Patel, please contact our office today.