Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Over the years, one’s breasts often succumb to the effects of aging and gravity. In some instances, pregnancy and breast feeding can even attribute to a sagginess of skin in the breasts. At The Lotus Clinic, Dr. Chandra Patel offers advanced breast lift techniques designed to help patients restore firmness and a more youthful appearance to the breasts. Also called a mastopexy, a breast lift from Dr. Patel can help you achieve your cosmetic goals and enhance your confidence in the way you look.

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Benefits of a Breast Lift

Whether caused by age, breast feeding, weight loss, or any number of other factors, sagging breasts can often make women feel self-conscious and insecure about their bodies. A breast lift can effectively raise your breasts, eliminate excess skin, and tighten the remainder with beautiful results. By lifting and reshaping your breasts, Dr. Patel can help you achieve the contour and improved proportions you desire. Additionally, Dr. Patel can reduce an enlarged areola and strategically locate any incisions to help ensure scarring is as minimal and as unnoticeable as possible.

The Breast Lift Procedure

Dr. Patel will discuss and determine your cosmetic goals with you prior to your procedure. During the operation, he will remove excess skin and breast tissue, and then tighten your remaining skin, resulting in a lifting effect. Additionally, he will lift and reposition your nipples to a higher location for the most aesthetically pleasing and natural look.

The entire procedure generally takes about two to three hours depending upon the extent of your needs. A breast lift at The Lotus Clinic is an outpatient surgery and is performed under general anesthesia.

Recovery from Breast Lift

Downtime and recovery following your breast lift will vary depending on the extent of your surgery. Bruising and swelling will be present after the procedure; however, any discomfort can be controlled with medication. You can typically return to your normal activities in roughly five days, but Dr. Patel recommends that you avoid strenuous activities for at least two to three weeks. Additionally, Dr. Patel asks that you return for periodic visits to effectively monitor your recovery progress.

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