Breast Reconstruction

Losing one or both breasts to cancer can be a very traumatic experience. However, there are many advances in breast reconstruction surgery that can help you restore your breasts with results that look very natural. Dr. Chandra Patel can effectively rebuild and restore your breasts to achieve a desired shape and size during a breast reconstruction procedure. Dr. Patel will help you decide whether to use breast implants or other advanced techniques to reconstruct your breasts for the most aesthetically-pleasing results. As an experienced plastic surgeon, he has performed numerous breast reconstruction surgeries and will use the utmost care and precision to achieve your cosmetic goals.

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Breast Reconstruction Benefits

A breast reconstruction can restore your self-esteem following the removal of your breasts due to mastectomy or other causes, such as traumatic injury. During surgery, Dr. Patel can rebuild your breasts to be the same size as they were previously, or he can increase or decrease their size depending on your specific desires. The use of breast implants as well as your own tissues can produce natural-looking results that align directly with your goals. Additionally, Dr. Patel will be able to shape your breasts for optimal symmetry and proportioning in relation to your body.

The Breast Reconstruction Procedure

Prior to surgery, Dr. Patel will help you determine the proper technique needed to achieve your particular goals. The specific method may depend on the amount of skin and tissue remaining in the breast area, as well as your personal preferences. Should you choose breast implants, Dr. Patel will review a number of sizes and shapes available for silicone and saline implants. Implant-based reconstruction usually involves a tissue-expansion process – expanding the remaining breast skin to create a pocket for the implant; Other types of breast reconstruction involve taking excess skin and fat from a donor area of your body, such as your lower abdomen or another area, and transferring it to the breast area. There it will be reshaped and molded to create a new breast. Breast reconstruction procedures are highly advanced, and Dr. Patel is experienced in a range of options. He will take great care to provide you with results that look very natural.

As an outpatient procedure, you will typically be able to return home following your surgery. Dr. Patel performs all breast reconstructions under general anesthesia, but treatment times will vary per individual.

Breast Reconstruction Recovery

Your recovery will depend on the technique used to reconstruct your breasts, as well as your body’s natural healing process. Dr. Patel typically recommends that you wear a compression garment for the first few days following your operation. Post-operative discomfort can be alleviated with medication. Most patients are able to return to normal daily activities after about a week, but strenuous activity should be avoided for at least three to four weeks. Dr. Patel also asks that you return for periodical visits to ensure you are healing properly.

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