What to Look for in a Surgeon

At the Lotus Clinic we urge anyone seeking a surgical cosmetic procedure to do their research.

In Australia not all surgeons are cosmetic plastic surgeons and the difference in a surgeon’s training and expertise can be enormous. Please look at the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons website and take note of their advice to consumers on selecting a surgeon before you consider any surgical procedure.

Pre-operative Health and Fitness

Any surgical procedure can have risks but the right health care before an operation can greatly increase the effectiveness and recovery time of a procedure.

Diet and Dietary Supplements

A healthy diet is an important part of everyone’s general health and fitness. Proper nutrition is an extremely important part of any recovery and should be thought about and planned in advance to any surgical procedure.

In addition certain dietary supplements can actually be harmful to someone going into surgery causing excessive bleeding or bruising and should be discussed with Dr Patel before your procedure.


When you come for your first consultation at the Lotus Clinic you will be asked to fill in a confidential patient information sheet. This sheet will request you to write down any and all medications you are on.

These will be discussed with Doctor Patel. It is very important because of various drug interactions that we are aware of all medications you are taking.

Alcohol, Recreational Drugs and Smoking

The excessive consumption of alcohol, the use of recreational drugs and smoking can affect you over all health and put you at risk under general anaesthetic. It is therefore very important that if you do smoke, take drugs or drink more than in moderation you tell us.

Psychological Well Being

People undertake cosmetic procedure for a variety of reasons. Some have had an aspect of their appearance that they have disliked all their lives while others are fighting of the ageing process or the effects of multiple pregnancies or loose skin due to sudden or extreme weight loss.

And most people after discussing their options with our client adviser and surgeon have a realistic understanding of what they can expect out of their surgery.

However, sometimes a person believes that all their problems will be solved by changing their appearance or they become addicted to having multiple procedures in the search of some image of perfection they may have.

Certainly having a procedure done may well make you happier and improve your self-esteem but ultimately the only person who can change your life and make it better is you and it is important that all our patients understand and are made aware of this.