Canberra Plastic Surgeon Discusses Extended Treatment Areas of Dermapen® Skin Needling

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Dr. Chandra Patel explains how the Dermapen® micro-needling technique can rejuvenate skin on the chest, hands, and neck in addition to the face.

Deakin, ACT– The face is not the only area of skin subject to aging and environmental stressors, explains Canberra plastic surgeon Chandra Patel, FRACS. The neck, chest, and hands have delicate skin that often reveals fine lines, acne scars, textural changes, and stretch marks, too, he notes, and each of these areas can also be treated with the innovative Dermapen® Skin Needling technique. Using a similar approach as to the face, Dr. Patel says he can reduce the appearance of certain unwanted skin conditions and produce a more youthful aesthetic in these extended treatment areas.

In a recent blog post titled, “Dermapen®: Non-Surgical Rejuvenation for the Hands, Neck, and Chest,” Dr. Patel and registered nurse Lindy Patel explain that in addition to the face, other areas of the body can experience mild skin laxity and other age-related changes that may be alleviated using the Dermapen® technique. The ultra-fine needles of this state-of-the-art technology are used to precisely target the treatment area, Dr. Patel says, stimulating the body’s natural healing process, which includes collagen and elastin production. He adds that this often results in fewer dermal imperfections, tighter skin, and a healthier appearance even in sensitive areas like the neck, chest, and hands.

The Canberra plastic surgeon cautions patients that beauty spas and salons offering Dermapen® typically cannot provide the same level of treatment as a plastic surgery center, noting that only highly trained professionals are allowed to perform a more aggressive approach using medical-grade technology. He adds that this more advanced technique typically offers better results that are often long-lasting.

In addition to Dermapen®, Dr. Patel offers patients an array of surgical and non-surgical treatment options for cosmetic rejuvenation at his Deakin plastic surgery practice. Patients experiencing moderate to severe skin laxity – which cannot be corrected using the Dermapen® skin needling technique – or other concerns may wish to consider facelift, neck lift, or skin fillers to achieve their aesthetic goals, he notes. However, for individuals seeking to address fine lines, acne scars, and uneven texture along the neck, chest, and hands, Dr. Patel says Dermapen® can be an excellent non-surgical option that requires minimal downtime and often provides beautiful, natural-looking results.

About Dr. Chandra Patel, FRACS

Dr. Patel has over 25 years of experience as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He obtained his medical degree in the United Kingdom before completing additional training in the UK as well as Australia and the United States. A fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS), Dr. Patel is also an active member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the Australian Hand Surgery Society. He has held several senior positions in the ACT, including the Head of The Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Unit at Canberra Hospital. Dr. Patel is available for interview upon request.

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