Considering Tummy Tuck Surgery?

photo4751Especially popular with moms and individuals who have lost a substantial amount of weight, tummy tuck surgery—medically referred to as abdominoplasty—is a procedure designed to reduce the excess, inelastic skin that can accumulate on the midsection. Both pregnancy and dramatic weight fluctuations typically produce stretched out skin that does not easily return to the original shape; however, even patients who have not experienced these events may have a genetic predisposition to loose abdominal skin. At our plastic surgery practice, Dr. Chandra Patel offers tummy tuck surgery for individuals seeking to correct this perceived issue and develop a smoother, firmer, more contoured appearance.

The youthful look of firm skin and toned muscles is one of the goals of tummy tuck surgery. Many of our patients are in good shape, and they only wish to eliminate the loose skin that typically cannot be reduced through adherence to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. In addition to removing this unwanted tissue, Dr. Patel will also tighten underlying abdominal muscles on qualified candidates, helping to create a more athletic shape that many individuals desire. Depending on the unique anatomical needs of the patient, either a mini tummy tuck—where only the lower portion of the abdomen is addressed—or a fully tummy tuck will be performed. For some cases, liposuction may be recommended if stubborn pockets of fat are located in this area. Dr. Patel will develop a customised treatment plan that can address the singular concerns and expressed goals of each patient.

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