Is Your Cosmetic Surgeon Measurement-Oriented Or Aesthetically Inclined?

happy womanIn our previous blog post titled, Gel Vs. Anatomical Implants: Which One Should You Choose?, Dr. Chandra Patel details what patients can expect during their first breast enlargement consultation. In part two of our three-part series, he discusses the purpose of the follow-up consultation:

The second consultation is a time to review our initial plan (implant size, placement, etc.) after the patient has had a week or two to think about our previous conversation. This is an excellent time to address any questions about breast augmentation that may have arisen in the time between consultations. The patient and I go over every question thoroughly so there is no doubt for either party in regard to expectations or how the process will work—both before and after surgery.

What I’ve found over my years of experience is that fancy, overly detailed measurements tend to confuse the patients. I see basically two types of surgeons in cosmetic surgery: there are surgeons who act like engineers and feel the need to measure everything to the millimeter and feel uncomfortable unless everything is precisely measured. Young surgeons measure to this extent because they have not yet developed an aesthetic eye for the procedure. To me, that indicates somebody that does not have an aesthetic sense. A plastic surgeon with a matured aesthetic sensibility is able to use that skill to produce better results—and I favor the aesthetic style.

After the initial measurements are taken, we use a visual aid that allows patients to try on the implants with a special bra and look in the mirror at their enhanced profile. We discuss what is too big, what is too small, and what the patient really likes. While most patients want natural-looking breasts, some patients desire very full breasts and don’t mind if they look a little bit fake. With this visual aid, patients can get a pretty good sense of what their end results will look like and that is our main goal with the second consultation.

Check back with our blog soon for the final installment of our three-part breast augmentation series. The next part of our series will detail what patients can expect for the pre-operative, day-of-surgery, and post-operative stages of the procedure.

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