Skin Needling: More Than Just A Wrinkle Treatment

shutterstock_92888485Patients seeking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles often turn to injectables or dermal fillers for a solution. At The Lotus Clinic, we offer Dermapen® skin needling as an alternative treatment method that not only addresses wrinkles, but also treats mildly scarred skin, acne pock marks, stretch marks, large pores, and other cosmetic conditions. Through the use of ultra-fine needles, we are able to trigger the body’s natural healing process, causing the generation of new collagen and elastin. The result can be healthier, smoother, younger-looking skin.

While the results of an injectable anti-wrinkle treatment typically lasts up to 6 months, Dermapen® treatments can last up to 2 years. Past needling techniques have used a curved method of needling the epidermis, which can cause unnecessary skin damage. Dermapen® utilizes a vertical method of needle entry to reduce both discomfort and trauma to the skin. In addition, Dermapen® has the ability to adjust the depth of the needles, allowing us to perform a more customized treatment that we can tailor to each unique patient and his or her specific concerns. If you are seeking a non-surgical method of addressing your skin concerns, Dermapen® is often a quick and cost-effective way to achieve smoother skin.

To learn more about Dermapen® and The Lotus Clinic, please contact our office today.