Dermapen®: Non-Surgical Rejuvenation for the Hands, Neck, and Chest

photo368Our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Chandra Patel, and our extensively trained registered nurse, Lindy Patel, have previously discussed how effective the Dermapen® skin needling technique can be for combatting fine lines and mild scarring on the face. Did you know Dermapen® can also be highly advantageous for treating delicate skin of the hands, chest, and neck as well? These areas are often subject to the same skin conditions as the face – including wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven texture – and they can be a source of self-consciousness for many. If you’re interested in restoring the youthful, smooth skin of your hands, neck, and chest but aren’t ready for surgical procedures, the non-surgical Dermapen® treatment might be right for you.

Aging and environmental effects can cause your skin to change, sometimes making you appear older than you feel. Dermapen® micro-needling can refresh the skin by activating the body’s natural ability to repair itself. Utilising ultra-fine needles and a customised treatment plan based on your specific cosmetic concerns, Dermapen® can typically reduce the size and appearance of pores, stretch marks, wrinkles, and acne pock marks, in addition to producing a more youthful-appearance. The gradual improvement occurs over a series of multiple treatments and is typically long-lasting.

While many beauty salons offer Dermapen®, only certified professionals can provide medical-grade Dermapen® treatments. These more aggressive treatments require extensive training and can be injected more deeply into the skin, often resulting in more dramatic benefits.

Dermapen® skin needling is designed to rejuvenate the face, hands, neck, and chest regardless of skin type or color. While mild skin tightening is a common benefit, this innovative technique is not intended to correct moderate to severe skin laxity. If you’re experiencing sagging skin along your face or neck, you may wish to consider a facelift or neck lift. Dr. Patel will be happy to discuss your aesthetic enhancement options during your initial consultation.

For more information about Dermapen®, or if you wish to schedule a consultation at our office, please contact us today.