What to Consider When Looking For an Injector

photo932In the first entry in our two-part blog series on cosmetic injectables, Dr. Chandra Patel and Lindy Patel, RN, discuss the importance of choosing an experienced clinician when using skin fillers to treat signs of aging.

Patients seeking a non-surgical approach to combating wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of volume should first consider who they trust to perform such treatment. Individuals with limited training can perform certain non-invasive procedures, risking unwanted side effects and a less successful outcome. Choosing a highly qualified injector is paramount for a beneficial experience.

Anti-wrinkle injectables, skin fillers, Dermapen® skin needling, and other procedures must always be administered by a practice that is supervised by a physician. Patients must be aware that some doctors are not on-site to ensure satisfactory conditions. In some cases, doctors may even write prescriptions for injectables from another city entirely. Patients are urged to confirm that a physician supervises the practice in advance of any procedure.

Caution should be taken with any sales or “specials.” Injectable treatments such as muscle relaxing wrinkle reducers have different strengths, necessitating different quantities for effective results. A discounted price per unit may not be as valuable as it first appears.

Skin care treatments are always evolving, which requires dedicated injectors to pursue continued education programs. These conferences are often held in locations around the world, making them expensive to attend. Some injectors, therefore, opt for basic training provided by a product’s manufacturer. This brief instruction may be adequate, but patients should pursue an injector with extensive professional training to increase the likelihood of a safe, effective procedure.

Patients seeking non-surgical facial rejuvenation should consider practices that offer both surgical and non-invasive methods. With limited skill often comes narrow advice, and many injectors will only recommend treatments they can provide, regardless of its suitability.

Choosing who performs non-invasive cosmetic injectables is an important decision, and at The Lotus Clinic, we encourage all prospective facial rejuvenation patients to consider professional qualifications before selecting a practice. An in-person consultation can often help determine which medical practitioner is the best choice.

Check back with our blog soon for the second entry in our two-part cosmetic injectables series. The next installment will cover the variety of skin rejuvenation treatments available and their benefits.

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